Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Horror in the Heartland

My life was the things stories are written about. The beautiful sunshine, warm summer weather, all of my needs covered with an abundance that is hard to explain. But one day in early fall day that all changed. My life became a horror that day that is indescribable.
For on that day, everything changed. I heard a truck coming. and found it was coming to round my friends and I up. We were ripped from everything that we had ever known. We jammed into a truck, without enough room to turn around, and transported for hours without nourishment. No food or water, dehydration quickly became an issue for many of us. The speed being used to transport us, led us to believe that our handlers were only concerned about getting us to market, more worried about "shrink", than about our well being.
And just when we thought it couldn't get worse, the horror got so much worse. We were unloaded and sorted by size, I was small, a five weight they said, and went along with others of my size. Bright lights and clanging doors terrified all of us. Then came the comment that stopped us cold."They aren't ever going to get any bigger guys". One by one we were ripped from our friends, and thrown on a steel table under florescent lights. Knives were in evidence everywhere. One by one we were systematically slaughtered, given nothing to dull the pain, our entrails ripped from us. Some sadist carved a ghoulish face into my skin as the final insult. This is the end for me.
My name is Jack, Jack O' Lantern, and I'm a member of PETA, Pumpkin Entrails being used as Terrifying Accessories.