Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Idiots Are Everywhere

So a few weeks ago, working in the quiet confines of my shop, I developed an idiot detector.
A little gadget that you could point at at anyone or any article on the web and find its idiot rating.
Some days the idiot rating meter was off the charts. Other days it seemed a bit more reasonable, but it was constantly going off.
The sensitivity was uncanny. Sometimes the simple act of driving past a car would alert me to the idiot behind the wheel. Other times the phone ringing would bring a high alert.
Then last night I took it apart and realized the electronic idiot detector works just as well if you had inadvertently installed the sensor in it backwards....................
Think on that for a moment.....

The stupid thing was pointed at me the whole time..........

Monday, October 6, 2014

They Don't Understand Me

So this past week at World Dairy Expo, I had the opportunity to discuss the fact that I use Twitter and Facebook on a pretty regular basis. The discussion was had with mostly coworkers.
Most of them don’t get it.
I love them to death, but my fascination with social media and what is possible with it, escapes them.
The topic at large came to a head because rather than watch the Vikings get killed by the Packers with a bunch of cheeseheads from my office, I went to a tweetup.
 That term brought howls of amusement from coworkers.

“What in the world is a tweet-up?”
 When you meet friends from twitter IRL. (In Real Life)

“How do you know when a tweetup is happening?”
Someone organizes it and lets folks know. In this case Eric Danzeisen of Seirra Desert Breeders. Thanks Eric.

“Who is going to be there?”
 Not sure. Don’t know. I’ll report back.

“Any ideas who is going to show up?”
 Probably a dairyman from Montana. @mtdairyman. A semen salesman from California. @funwithbulls. One from AZ. @jverbovineaz. A couple of dairymen from Wisconsin @dairycarrie and @jenabently. A polled bull semen supplier from Ontario. @dairybullsonlin. And the list goes on.

“Who can Show up?”
 If you’re friends of the people in this group, we’d love to meet you.

“How can I get involved?”
 Are you on Twitter?
 That would seem to be a good place to start.

“What do you talk about?”
 Same stuff that we discuss on twitter, but responses have to be limited to 140 characters or less…….