Friday, May 13, 2011

Why Teenage Guys Are Like Earrings

Okay, for starters, I don't have an earring. I am however married with two daughters and they all do wear earrings. This all started with a conversation I had with a young lady at the Hopeline.She was dealing with a bad breakup, and had to remove an earring to get the phone close enough to hear over the noise around her. It then extented to some kids from youth group, and so here we are.
Teenage guys are like earrings. How?
  Young ladies like earrings because they are cool, and fun to hang around with. But what exactly do they do for young ladies? Not so much, but they do draw attention to young ladies, make them feel attractive, and special.
   Most young women start out with earrings that appear to be studs, but on further examination, they are really pretty simple.They will get used to them, and look at them as old friends.
   But sooner or later, the time will come for an upgrade. Something a little flashier, something a bit upscale.
So she will spend some hard earned money and get a hot set of earrings. Some time passes and everything is great, she feels really good about how these earrings make her look and feel.
    But one day, the young lady loses one of these expensive earrings. Panic sets in, she tears the house apart looking for it, trying to locate this lost earring. She loses sleep, can't focus, needs to have this earring back. Being without it will suck, suck big time. People will tell her to forget about it, move on, and this advice will without fail, tick off the young lady even more.
   But as time goes by, the hurt will change, and turn in something different.
Then one day, the young lady will be wandering through Kohls', and see a new set of earrings. Pretty cool earrings. Earrings that will make her kind of forget about the set she lost. And compared to the set she lost, she will wonder why she wanted the first set in the first place.
These earrings might or might not be the set of earrings that she falls in love with for the rest of her life.
  But slowly the realization sets in that the beautiful part of this equation that God created, has always been her.
Not some stupid earrings, but a beautiful young woman.