Thursday, February 24, 2011


So when you get asked what you do, what you are passionate about, how do you respond? A friend of mine, when asked that question, answered it this way," What do I do for a living? Or what is my passion?" Interesting take on what we do versus what we love.
So what do you love?
When I get asked that question, it's pretty easy to ramble on for quite a while. Agvocacy is a passion. Few things get my heart pumping like the job of telling our(ag) story to those who don't know anything about what we do. It's my feeling that it's the responsiblity of each of us, and I feel strongly about that.
Or I can discuss my love of working with teenagers. For some reason they've allowed me into their world, and I've enjoyed their friendship.
But why can't we go on and on about the ones that we are really passionate about. The ones we love.
I don't tell the world about my wonderful wife nearly enough. And she is the one person in the world that I'm most passionate about. Why is that? I know that we can't all be as passionate about my wife as I am, that would just be weird. But it's in all of us to let them know that.
I'm reminded of and old west river South Dakota rancher, who no one had ever heard tell his wife that he loved her. His explanation was that he had told her that the day they got married, and until that changed, his word was good.
We find special days to get flowers, send gifts etc, but do those in your life theat you feel passionate about, know how passionate you feel about them? Try tell them again.