Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Telling The Ag Story from a Dad's Veiw

So I've an incredibly busy week ahead. Not that I'm complaining, I'm rather excited about it.
The Central Plains Dairy Expo starts tonight and runs until Thursday afternoon. 
Part of the fun of the next couple of days will be watching as the ag community interacts with their consumers.It starts tonight with a concert by John Michael Montgomery. The dairy community is going to be welcoming the public to the concert. The price of admission for the general public? A donation to a local food bank. Yep, that's it. They also get to rub elbow with real dairymen and women. It's going to be a good night.
The trade, honestly is a favorite of mine. I know it's still work, but there is also a great sense of community that goes on at an event like this. People we may not have seen for a year or more, kind of like a family reunion. There will also be a bunch of folks coming through the trade show to see what this whole "cow thing" is all about. Most of our "tourists" will be kids from area schools getting a look at the tools and equipment we get to use. It's fun to see the look on a kids face when they stick their finger into one of the inflations on a milking machine.
One of the parts that I'm really proud of, is that fact that my daughter and two of her friends are going to be working for the Central Plains group this week. Three very cool young ladies with a passion for animal agriculture. They represent a bright future for agriculture, and make a dad proud at the same time.
So while it will be incredibly busy,  I get to share some of the passion that I feel for the dairy industry with my daughter and her friends.
So if you see three cute young women working for the Central Plains Dairy Expo this week, know that somewhere at that show, there's a really proud dad.