Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have A Merry Civil Christmas

Ho, Ho Ho and all that other merry crap. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love what Christmas is really all about, but unfortunately it gets lost in all the noise. And more and more, all of the noise is unfortunately feeling like a year round thing. It used to be that Christmas was the time when everyone went out of their way to be just a little nicer than they were for the rest of the year. Now a days being nice at all would be an upgrade.
Trolling some conversations lately, it seems the tolerance level has reached a level of intolerance that makes almost any conversation impossible. It seems that if I don't agree with you, it must be that I have an agenda, I am a horrible person, or you are a waste of resources. Both sides of the animal rights argument are guilty of this kind of intolerance. Are we so short of patience and kindness these days that we can't be civil to each other?
In the time I've spent  recently on Facebook, I've been trying to slow down and be a bit more aware of what the people that I'm interacting with may be going through. People have a lot going on in their lives that we may not know about. There is so much hurt out there that it blows me away. And that gets me to my wish for Christmas.
It's time for us to focus our energy on caring for those around us, not beating each other up. Be a spouse to your spouse. Be a parent to your kids. Be the friend that you wish you had. Find and interact with someone who you think needs a person to talk to. Each of us knows someone who needs that friend. It costs nothing, and the rewards for sharing the love of this season could very well be eternal. :)

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