Thursday, August 19, 2010

AI Does Not Mean Artificial Intelligence

The disclaimer, “If you are easily offended, stop reading now. This might, I don’t mean to, but someone is going to be offended,”
Some topics are a little sensitive and this one can be. We try to be clinical about things that happen on the farm, but again life experiences and farm life are what we use as a frame of reference. It’s what we know. It doesn’t always translate well.  A friend of mine has a couple of young sons, who are real farm kids. At 7 and 5 years old, they understand a lot more about the birds and bees than their contemporaries. Breeding season in the sheep yard made for some interesting show and tell items. Pipettes and sleeves are a lot of interesting fun, right? Their teacher kind of edits their items now.

It is an unfortunate part of life these days, but kids get exposed to sex at an earlier and earlier age, but don’t necessarily understand the facts about and surrounding the birds and the bees.

My brother had a group of second graders taking a tour of his dairy. In the prep for the tour, I asked the question.” What do we say if the question of the daddy cows is asked?” “We don’t say anything.” The way he said it told me there was a lot more to the story. It turns out there was.

A friend was giving a dairy tour to a group of fifth grade girls from his church. On the way back to the office from the barns, the topic of the daddy cows came up. Having grown up on the farm, and having raised kids on the farm as well, “Greg’s view of this topic was, keep it clinical, and don’t be embarrassed, it’s just the birds and the bees, right? So the group steps into the office where Greg keeps his AI tool box. Greg is busy describing what is happening, and he reaches into the tool box and pulls out a plastic sleeve. As he pulls it on his arm, one of these precious little fifth grade girls, get this horrified look on her face, and says, and I quote,

”your not going to shove your whole arm down her throat, are you?!”

“No dear”, he said as he slid the sleeve back off of his arm,” you need to ask your mom for the rest of this story.”

So when the question “How do you tell the boy calves from the girl calves”, came up on my brother’s second grade farm tour, we told them that the little girls have this pretty little metal ear ring, (bangs clip) but a lot like with people, boys don’t usually wear ear rings.

Next question, Pleeeassse.

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